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i miss you
Miss You Meme

As we know, in everyone's life there is someone who is very special and we miss him when we are not with them. Sometimes we are very sad and lonely and when we think about that person we feel more lonely. We understand your feeling that's why we are here for helping you with our handpicked best miss you meme collections. In this miss you meme collection there is so many cute and meaning full meme that helps you feel good and if you send these memes with your special one, then they also know how you feel about him.

Miss You Meme

1. I miss you 

I miss you
I Miss You

2. If we were on a sinking ship, and there was only one life vest ... I would miss you so much.

Sinking ship
Sinking Ship

3. I miss the power of your kiss that makes me feel scattered all day unable to focus on anything else but kissing you again _ And many other inappropriate things that are best confined to the bedroom.

Power Of Your Kiss
Power Of Your Kiss

4. I miss you

I miss you
I Miss You 

5. I missed you _ Just kidding. I threw up on your pillow.

Just kidding
Just Kidding

6. I'm still missing you. I just thought I'd let you know.

I'm still missing
I'm still missing

7. I miss you even when I'm not horny.

I'm not horny
I'm not Horny

8. You were gone for forever _ I counted

I counted
I Counted

9. friends: I missed you! _ Me: I saw u yesterday

I saw u yesterday
I Saw U Yesterday

10. Even if I spent the whole day with you _ I will miss you the second you leave.

Spend Whole day
Spent Whole Day

11. I miss you so much you're the only person in my life _ Whose to speed on all the shows that I'm watching.

I Miss You So Much
I Miss You So Much

12. I miss you, But I'm afraid you don't miss me.

Afraid Me
Afraid Me

13. Not sure if you're my best friend _ Or if I just really miss you when you're gone

My Best Friend
My Best Friend

14. 2 things I can't control, My smile when I see you _ My tears when I miss you

My tears when
My Tears when 

15. How can I miss you _ If you don't go away!

How can i miss you
How Can I Miss You

16. Me? Miss you? _ Only every second of every day!

Every day
Every Day 

17. Truth is, I miss you. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

Miss You All Time
Miss You All Time

18. I miss you

I Miss You
I Miss You

19. I miss you so much _ It's unbearable!

It's Unbearable
It's Unbearable 

20. Not a day goes past when I don't love you and miss you with all my heart.

Goes past
Goes Past

21. I miss you most at night. When everything is quiet and the silence reminds me that I'm not sleeping next to you.

Most At Night
Most At Night

22. My bed just called she wants you back _ I miss you

Just Called
Just Called

23. For every day, I miss you. _ For every hour, I need you. _ Forever minute, I feel you. _ For every second, I want you. _ Forever, love you.

Day hour minutes
Day Hour Minute

24. I miss you now more than ever before. Come home soon. 

More Than Ever
More Than Ever

25. No matter how hard I try. I can never Get my hand to feel like your mouth _ Miss you

Feel like your mouth
Feel Like Your Mouth

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26. I miss you and I hope you miss me too.

miss me too
Miss Me Too

27. I'll miss you _ pig time

Pig time
Pig Time

28. I miss you like _ A fat kid misses cake!

A fat kid
A Fat Kid

29. I'll never miss you _ because we'll always be together

Always be together
Always Be Together

30. I just wanted to say _ That I miss you

wanted to say
Want To Say

31. I don't carry any hate in my heart I will always have a love for you _ I even miss you now and then but please stay away from me

In my meart
In My Heart

32. I want to say I miss you _ But it wouldn't change anything so I'll just keep on pretending I don't.

I want to say
I Want To Say

33. I miss you as soon as I wake up. I miss you when I'm about to sleep. I wish you're always here next to me.

Wake up
Wake Up

34. where are you _ I so miss you.

I So Miss You 

35. Hey hot pants _I miss you.

Hey sexy pants
I Miss You

36. When I miss you I don't have to go far. I just look in my heart because that's where you are.

I just look
I Just Look

37. I miss you not the " I haven't seen you in a while" Kind of miss you, but the_ "I wish you were here at this very moment" Kind of miss you.

I Wish
I Wish

38. I'm sorry, I miss you

I'm sorry
I'm sorry 

39. I don't want to miss you at 3 a.m. and send you a text. I want to miss you at 3 a.m. and roll over to kiss your face.

Kiss Your Face
Kiss Your Face

40. Dam, I miss you

I miss you
I miss you 

41. Boo I really _ Miss You Now

Miss you now
Miss You Now

42. I didn't get to say goodbye _ I will miss you


43.  Sometimes I miss you _ Then I remember the shit you put me through & I am like "f@#* this shit"

Fuck This Shit
I Remember This Shit

44. Bubby, I miss you _ Come home

Buddy i miss you
Bubby I Miss You 

45. We will miss you _ Much much

Much much
Much Much

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46. I know you Don't need me _ But I still miss you

You Don't Need me
You Don't Need Me

47. When I text you it means I miss you _ When I don't Text you It means I'm waiting for you to miss me

I'm waiting
I'm Waiting

48.  Are you home yet _ I miss you

Home yet
Home Yet 

49. I wish I was Kissing you _ Instead of missing you.

I Wish
I Wish

50. You say you miss me _ But the fact that you are not responding for a full day determined it was a lie.

Not reesponding
Not Responding

51. I miss you this much _ Keep up the hard work

Hard work
Hard Work

Miss You Meme Conclusion 

So, that's it this is our handpicked miss your meme. I hope you like that and if you really like that please share it with your all friends and family. I hope by sharing this post you share your feelings with your special one. Check out our more great posts. Thank you.

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