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Full form of math
Math Meme
There are so many people who like math and so many don't like maths. According to me, there are so many crazy questions in maths, like "Rahul a school going student bought 60 lemons...", I don't understand why Rahul bought this much lemons and in real life where we can use trigonometry? But another real truth of maths is, maths is very important for everyone. But sometimes when we sit on our study table and solving some equations, at the time after some time we are very frustrated. For refilling from that frustration we make this MATH MEME post for you. This post makes you laugh in seconds. Check out...


1. I don't always do math _ But when I do I'm usually buying weed.
Buying weed
Buying Weed
2. When you help your friend whose answer in the math problem was 25987 and yours was 457.89 nut actually the answer was 3 which is closer to 457.89 than 25987.
Right Answer is
Answer Is
3. When the whole class is fighting over whether the answer is 17 or 18 but you got 157.
Class Is Fighting
Class Is Fighting
4. That feeling when you understand _ Something in maths.
Understand Somethinig
Understand Something
5. My Degree in mathematics _ Does not mean I'm a human calculator.
Human Clculator
Human Calculator
6. When your teacher and classmates make fun of you for being bad at math so you decide to teach them 7.62x39.
Teacher make fun of you
Teacher Make Fun Of You
7. When you finish learning addition, so you go ahead and try to figure out subtraction.
Figure out subtraction
Figure Out Subtraction
8. My face when math makes me go out of my way and look for its x _ And then has the nerve to ask for y.
Ask for y
Ask For Y
9. When your teacher calls on you in math class ???
Teacher calls on you
Teacher Calls On You
10. Not sure if math test was easy _ Or I did everything wrong.
Math test was easy
Math Test was Easy
11. I have to warn everybody _ Math is coming!
Math is coming
Math Is Coming!
12. Billy has 32 pieces of bacon. He eats 28. What does he have now? Happiness. Billy has happiness.
He Eats 28
He Eats 28
13. Has A math test at school _ Accidentally packs tv remote instead of a calculator.
Instead of calculator
Instead Of Calculator
14. When you Disrupting the class and your Teacher says "I hope you're talking about that 47% you got on your last math test?
Teacher makes fun
Teacher Makes Fun
15. I know you can _ Do this math.
Do This Math
Do This Math
16. Me in math class...
Any Question
Any Question
17. What if I told you _ Math Class is meant to teach logic and none problem-solving skills?
what if told you
What If I Told You
18. I don't want to live _ On this planet anymore.
I Don't Want To Live
I Don't Want To Live
19. Find gf (x) _ Math! Why you do this?
Why you do this?
Why You Do This?
20. So, it says here that you are quick at math. What's 17 x 36? _ 54 _ That's not even close !!
At a job Interview
At A Job Interview
21. When I solve two problems of math.
Solve Two Problem
Solve Two Problem
22. When you confidently answer an equation and the teacher wants the explanation _ Math is a math
Math is math
Math Is Math
23. According To Research People Who _ Don't like math are usually good looking.
Don't Like Math
Don't Like Math
24. In Class: 2+2=? _ Homework: 7x5-8=? _ In exam: 522(2xy)+982x302=?
In Class
In Class
25. Never underestimate my ability to do math incorrectly.
Do Math Incorrectly
Do Math Incorrectly
26. Finds all answer to homework _ On google.
Find All Answer On Google
Find All Answers On Google
27. Math needs to solve its own problems _ I'm not a therapist.
I'm Not A Therapist
I'm Not A Therapist 
28. When the math teacher asks a question _ And your the only one who knows the answer.
Teacher asks a question
Teacher Asks A Question
29. 75% of students are good at math _ Hmm... I belong to the rest 15%
Good Math
Good At Math
30. My math teacher just posted this _ What I expect _ What I get.
Teacher Just Posted
Teacher Just Posted
31. When you look away in math class for seconds _ what happened.
Look away in math class
Look Away In Math Class
32. Math is everywhere! _, For example, let's make a unit rate about how many birds die in an hour!
Math is every where
Math Is Every Where
33. That moment when you got a good grade in math paper _ Is this my paper or am I dreaming???
Got Good Grade
Got Good Grade
34. I see your problem here _ You forgot to calculate the F@#* I don't give
I see your problem
I See Your Problem 
35. I love math _ Math is my favorite.
I love Maath
I Love Math

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36. For me, the Maths class is like watching Chinese movies without subtitles.
Math Class Is Like
Math Class Is Like
37. Simple is beautiful.
Simple Is Sexy
Simple Is Beautiful
38. Math teacher _ Why you never taught me this?
Math teacher
Math Teacher
39. Math. The only place where people buy 60 watermelons and no one wonders why.
Buy 60 Watermelons
Buy 60 Watermelons
40. Teacher: Why do I hear Talking? _ Me: Because you have ears?
Why Do I Hear Talking
Why Do I Hear Talking
41. When you solve a maths problem 3 times _ And get a different answer each time.
Different answer each time
Different Answer Each Time
42. The 3 types of people in math class.
People In Math Class
Peoples In Math Class
43. I did the math _ We can't afford the cat
I Did the math
I Did The Math
44. Math class is serious _ Please don't laugh when the answer is 69.
Math is serious
Math Is Serious
45. Math _ It gets complicated
It's Complicated
46. My knowledge of mathematical meme _ My knowledge of mathematics.
My Knowledge
My Knowledge
47. How it feels trying _ To understand math
Understand Math
Understand Math
48. Go to math class _ Learn Russian
Learn Russian
Learn Russian
49. Teenager _ 1. Someone who is ready for the zombie apocalypse but no ready for the math test tomorrow.
Ready for zombie but not for math
50. S** _ Definition: S** is like math: you add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and Pray you don't multiply!
sex is like math
Pray You Don't Multiply
51. My Reaction _ When my maths teacher stands back, while I write the maths exam!!!
My Math Teacher
My Math Teacher
52. Me when doing mental math _ Shut up, Everybody, shut up! _ Don't move don't speak, Don't breathe. I'm trying to think.
Doing Mental maths
Doing Mental Math
53. I don't always clear my calculator _ But when I Do, I hit both 'c' and 'ce' A bunch of times Because I don't know exactly what they do.
Clear My calculator
Clear My Calculator 
54. Hot girl needs help with math _ Forget math
Forget math
Forget Math
55. I'm still waiting for the day that I will actually use _ In real life.
In real life
In Real Life
56. When the math problem says _ Explain
Problem Explain
57. Trying to solve my math problems be like _ come on _ just a little bit more _ almost there _ oh crap...
Problems be like
Problems are like 
58. My expressions _ while writing a math exam.
Writing maths exam
Writing Maths Exam
59. When the whole class is fighting over whether the answer is 17 or 18 but you got 157.
Whole class fighting
Answer is ...
60. Mathematics of life ... That's real life. Enjoy it.
Mathematics of real life
Mathematics Of Life
61. Mathametions clock
Mathematicians clock
62. Sometimes I sit in my class at the end of the day wondering _ WTF am I doing with my life?
Wtc am I doing
WTF Am I Doing
63. The look teacher gives _ When a student says "But my mom said..."
Look teacher give
The Look Teacher Give
64. The look Teachers give at the end of the year _ When a parent asks if her child can get extra credit to make up the work he didn't do all year.
At the end of year
At The End Of Year
65. When someone says, Maths is easy.
when someone day math is easy
Math Is Easy
66. When my teacher wishes us 'Good Luck' before the test... _ Thanks, satan.
Good like before the exam
Before The Test
67. Fail - T-shirts _ 4 for $10, 5 for $10
Crazy Calculations
Crazy Calculations
68. When my name is in a math problem and all the class stares at me _ Me: That's right I bought 60 watermelons.
That's right I bought 60 watermelons
Bought 60 Watermelons 
69. Last five minutes of the exam
Last fiveminutes of exam
Last Five Minutes Of Exam
70. Math _ Just do it.
Just do it
Just Do It

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71. Never Discuss infinity with a mathematician. You'll never hear the end of it.
Infinity maths
Never Discuss
72. My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count _ 2 x 0 is still 0.
My Power have Doubled
My Power Have Doubled
73. Prove that you do indeed use math later in life.
use math
Do Indeed
74. "I forgot where to put the decimal, so I figured I'd cover all the bases".
Forgot About Decimal
Forgot About Decimal
75. Are you ready _ Yo die?
Are you ready
Are You Ready
76. I wish I were a "sin2" _ And you were a "cos2" _ So together we would be "1"
I Wish
I Wish
77. You have to be odd to be number one.
You Have To Be Odd
You Have To Be Odd
78. One week before the exam _ Two days before the exam _ Midnight before the exam.
Before the exam
Before The Exam
79. Math hurts my brain...
Math hurts my brain
Math Hurts My Brain
80. Dear math I'm sick and tired of finding your x _ Just accept the fact that she is gone. Move on dude.
Dear math
Dear Math
81. "YAY mat!" _ Said No One Ever.
No One ever
No One Ever

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