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Happy Birthday Sister Meme
For every brother, her sister is the most valuable person in her life. She listens to all our talks and helps improve all our mistakes. So, why we did not celebrate her birthday in some different way. You can do so many things on her birthday like giving her a surprise gift, you can take him on lunch and many more things that you can do on his birthday.

Here you get the best Happy Birthday Sister Meme that guarantees you, your sister definitely likes that. By sharing our meme you express your feeling towards your sister on his birthday. Check out ...

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

1. It never can be said that there was a better sister in the world than you. _ You are amazing in every way. _ Here's to you this year and for many more. Happy Birthday!
Better sister then you
Sister Than You
2. Happy birthday, sister _ May your birthday cake be moist. 
Cake be Moist
Cake Be Moist
3. Happy birthday, sister _ You are the real black wonder woman.
Black Wonder Women
Black Wonder Women
4. Happy birthday, little sister! _ You're adopted.
You're Adopted.
You're Adopted.
5. Happy Birthday Sister
Happy Birthday Sister
Happy Birthday Sister
6. Happy birthday, sister _ Going to get a car as your birthday gift.
Going to get a car as a gift
Car As A Gift
7. Happy birthday sister _ I have a gift for you I was just joking
I have a gift for you i was just jocking
Just Joking
8. Happy birthday sister _ Is bathing is necessary to join a birthday party.
Bathing is necessary
Bathing Is Necessary
9. Someone I love was born today.
Brother's love
Brother's Love
10. Happy birthday _ To my sweet sister
To my sweet sister
To My Sweet Sister
11. Sister ... Happy birthday _ Found an old picture of you as a baby.
Old picture of you
Old Picture Of You
12. Happy birthday, sister! _ You've now turned "29" five times!
29 Five times
Five Times
13. Happy birthday, sister _ Celebrating Birthday, Can't eat cake due to dieting.
Can't eat cake due to dieting
Can't Eat Cake Due To Dieting
14. Happy birthday _ Pretty lady.
Happy bithday prety lady
Pretty Lady
15. The rock says _ Have a happy birthday sister!
The rock say's happy birthday
The Rock Says
16. Sis, Take it slow girl _ Happy birthday though
Happy birthday though
Happy Birthday Though
17. Happy birthday, sister _ You were always the rowdy one.
Always the rowdy one
Always The Rowdy One
18. Happy birthday to my sister _ This is her recent photo. Please wish her a Happy Birthday.
Recent photo
Recent Photo
19. Happy Birthday to my best bitch
Bestest Bitch
Best Bitch
20. Happy Birthday to my big sister _ Who will always hit every decade before me!
Big sister
Big Sister

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21. Happy Birthday _ To a sister who was the world's greatest sister dang you're so lucky.
Dang you are so lucky
Dang you're so lucky
22. Dear sister _I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will.
Dear sister i love you
I Always Have
23. Happy Birthday my love!
Happy birthday my love
Happy Birthday My Love!
24. Happy birthday _ sister
Happy Birthday sister
Happy Birthday _ Sister
25. Yes, it's true sis... _ You're still older than me, Happy Birthday
Still older than me
Still Older Than Me
26. He said he didn't want to be my brother anymore _ Now he's my sister.
Now He's my sister
Now He's My Sister
27. I was going to send my sister a happy birthday email _ But someone deleted it!
Some one deleted it
Someone Deleted It!
28. Party like nun other! _ Happy birthday sister!
Party like non other
Party Like Non-Other!
29. Happy Birthday Sister _ You gift is there
Your gift is there
Your Gift Is There
30. 39 {AGAIN} Has never looked so good _ Happy birthday little sister.
Happy birthday little sister
Happy Birthday Little Sister
31. Happy birthday sister _ That's how you will run for the birthday gifts
Run for the birthday gift
Run For The Birthday Gifts
32. I forgot to post on your Facebook!!! _ Happy birthday sister!!!
I forgot to post on facebook
Happy Birthday Sister
33. May God fill your life with love, happiness, wealth, and good fortune. _ Happy Birthday Dear Sister.
Happy birthday little sister
Little Sister
34. Happy birthday, sis! _ With each passing year, you shine even brighter. I hope everything you've been wishing for comes true. Here's an amazing celebration.!
Sister birthday wishes
Sister Birthday Wishes
35. Wait ... One minute! It's my sister's birthday! _ Happy birthday baby girl!
little girl
Happy Birthday Baby Girl
36. I just called to wish you a happy birthday _ Sorry I can't be there for your cake.
Sorry i can't be there for your birthday cake
Your Cake
37. Happy Birthday, Sister!
Happy birthday sister
Happy Birthday, Sister!
38. Happy birthday, sister _ Don't tell mom that I came late last night
I came late at last night
I Came Late Last Night
39. Happy Birthday to my big sister!!! _ Who will always hit every decade before I do!!!
Big Sister
Big Sister
40. Happy Birthday _ Sister
Happy birthday sister
Happy Birthday Sister

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41. Happy Birthday, sister _ You're Golden now.
You are golden now
You're Golden Now!
42.  Happy birthday! _ Just another year closer to being that crazy cat lady...
Crazy cat lady
Crazy Cat Lady
43. Happy Birthday, sister! _ I demand that you have a great day filled with a birthday cake!
Day filled with birthday cake
Day Filled With Birthday Cake
44. Be happy sister! _ It's your Birthday.
It's your birthday
It's your birthday!
45. Happy birthday, sister _ You take the cake.
You take the cake
You Take The Cake
46. Happy birthday to my little sister _ because if you ain't first, you're last!
You are last
You're Last
47. Keep calm tomorrow someone's birthday who something special to me.
Something Special
Something Special
48. All the things you do and all the things you say have a way of bringing a smile to any day _ Happy birthday sister
All things You do
All Things You Do


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