Best Funny Happy Birthday Meme That Makes You Laugh | 2020

A birthday meme makes a birthday special. Are you looking for a birthday meme? Here are the 60 best memes or you can say happy birthday meme.

Happy birthday meme
Happy Birthday Meme
Question: What can be the best way to say happy birthday to your most special one?
Answer: By sending funny happy birthday memes
Your special one deserves pure happiness. Then why we did not make him happy by sending memes. So, sent him memes and make him laugh. 

You can also send that birthday meme from here. Here we suggest you our handpicked collection of funny happy birthday meme. We've granted 60 hilarious memes you can send him to make his day lot more memorable. These memes help to feel good and fill her heart with joy. 


1. Hey, babe, it's your birthday! _ Go ahead & get a little crazy
Get a little crazy
Get A Little Crazy
2. Happy birthday _ This year, do it your way.
Do it your way
Do It Your Way 
3. Happy Birthday big boy _ come and get your gift.
Come and get your gift
Come And Get Your Gift 
4. Your powers are getting weak old man _ Happy Birthday
Dank memes
Dank Memes 
5. Happy birthday! _ If you blow out all the candles you wish will come true.
Wish will come true
Wish Will Come True
6. Happy birthday, _ Don't forget to drink irresponsibility!
Don't Forget to drink
Don't Forget To Drink 
7. It is your birthday! _ You must Celebrate.
Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Meme
8. You look good ... for your age _ Happy Birthday!
Funny Happy Birthday meme
Funny Happy Birthday Meme
9. Happy Birthday? _ No. (he didn't want to give party)
Birthday Meme
Birthday Meme
10. Have a happy birthday? _ Don't tell me want to do!
Don't tell me what to do
Don't Tell Me What To Do

I started drinking yesterday because I missed your birthday. Today I realized yesterday was your birthday. Happy belated birthday. Love, you
Yesterday I start drinking
Yesterday I Start Drinking
12. Well, well, well _ I thought I smelled vodka & birthday cake
I smelled vodka and cake
I Smelled Vodka 
13. Happy F@#king Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
14. Happy birthday you big knob jockey.
Funny happy birthday meme
Funny Happy Birthday Meme
15. Don't worry about getting older _ You're still gonna do dumb stuff, only slower.
You Are Still
You Are Still
16. A little bit older _ A lot more fabulous.
A lot more fabulous
A Lot More Fabulous. 
17. F@#*! You're Old
Funny birthday meme
F@#*! you're old. 
18. So you're saying some of you humans kill and eat dogs? _ I seriously thought they were your best friends.
Funny meme
Funny Meme
19. Happy birthday _ It's like your very own Christmas!
Own Christmus
Own Christmas 
20. Happy birthday beauitful lady.
Happy birthday beautiful lady
Happy Birthday Beautful Lady
21. Happy Birthday cool guy.
Happy birthday cool guy
Happy Birthday Cool Guy
22. Happy birthday brother
Happy birthday brother
Happy Birthday Brother
23.  Happy Birthday _ I found one of your baby pictures...
Baby picture
Baby Picture 
24. F@*# it _ Happy birthday
Funny Happy Birthday
Funny Happy Birthday
25.  Don't judge me _ I was born to be awesome _ Not perfect
Born to be awsome
Born To Be Awesome
26. I wish you birthday in Chinese _ "Yung no mo"
Funny birthday meme
Funny Birthday Meme
27. If you were Jesus... _ Today would be Christmas!
Today woul be christmus
Today Would Be Christmas
28.  Halloween = Candy, Thanksgiving = Food, Christmas = Gifts, New year = Drink, Valentines = Privecy _ Birthday = All of the above
funny birthday meme
Funny Birthday Meme
29. Guess who's _ Birthday tomorrow?
 Guess Whose birthday tommorow
30. Happy Birthday Tim _ Want to grab a beer and talk politics later?
Happy Birthday tim
Happy Birthday Tim

I Love You Meme

31. They said I was too old for a birthday party _ I said they were too old for life.
Too old for birthday
Too Old For Birthday 
32. Happy Birthday! _ To me, next week Don't forget.
My Birthday
My Birthday
33. Happy happy birthday to you.
Happy Birthday To You 
34. It's your birthday _ Better order more wine and whores
Batter order more wine
Better Order More Wine
35. We're on a mission from God! _ To wish you a happy birthday buddy!
Mission from god
Mission From God
36. One does not simply _ drink wine without cheese
Drink wine
Drink Wine 
37. You're a hard person to shop for _ so I didn't get you anything. Happy Birthday. (Lazy one)
did'nt get anything
Didn't Get Anything
38. Don't stop me _ Today is my day.
Today is my day
Today Is My Day
39. Happy Birthday _ Now Where's the cake
Where is the cake
Where Is The Cake
40. I will put the happy into your birthday _ You may walk funny for a week. Happy Birthday.
Funny Birthday Meme
Funny Birthday Meme

 Happy Birthday, Heather _ I'll Bring you present while you sleep.
Happy birthday hatter
Happy Birthday Hater
42.  Sorry it's late, overslept _ Happy birthday
43. Happy birthday sister _ I have a gift for you but I was just joking.
Happy birthday sister
Happy Birthday Sister
44. Happy birthday have a lovely day _ pretty lady
Pretty lady
Pretty Lady
45. Happy Birthday _ Little Brother
Little brother
Little Brother
46. You don't send me birthday ideas _ No birthday gift for you.
No birthday gift
No Birthday Gift
47. Get your birthday kicks on, cowboy!
48. Don't wish me birthday _ Gift me your girlfriend.
Don't Wish me birthday
Don't Wish Me Birthday
49. Happy Birthday! _ I'll cook you a cake.
Cook You A Cake
Cook You A Cake
50. Can't buy someone a bad birthday present _ If you never actually buy them a present.
Buy a present
Buy A Present

Depression Memes

51. May eyes on your _ Birthday cake
Birthday cake
Birthday cake
52. Happy birthday friends _ Leave some cake for me I am coming just after the exam.
Leave some cake
Leave Some Cake
53. Happy birthday, cousin _ I want wine at the party.
I want wine in the party
I Want Wine In The Party
54. Who's a birthday girl? _ You're a birthday girl.
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
55. There is no such thing as a "happy" birthday _ When you have to celebrate it at work.
Birthday at work
Birthday At Work
56. I know you had lots of birthday wishes yesterday, but who is thinking of you today? _ Me that's who, Happy belated birthday!
Happy belated birthday
Happy Belated Birthday
57. Hey girl _ Happy birthday.
Hot boy
Hot Boy
58. Oooooohhh yeah! _ Happy birthday, Brother!.
Happy birthday brother
Happy Brother, Brother!
59. Happy Birthday, Bitch!
Happy birthday bitch!
Happy Birthday, Bitch!
60. Happy Birthday _ Enjoy Your Cake
Enjoy Your Cake
Enjoy Your Cake


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