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Start your Monday with the best Monday Meme. Here you get the funniest Monday memes that make you feel better. I hope you like it.
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Monday Meme
Monday is not good for a lot of people and sometime Monday is the most terrible day of the week. After a good weekend when we think about Monday, we realize that it is the day of a die. I tell you a secret, I don't like any day of the week except Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I know it's crazy. I think and I pretty sure this is not only my story. We fell Monday as a bad day because it is the first and busiest day of the week. We drink a lot of coffee and doing so many things, so we relife from our stress.
Lets, take a long breath and start this day well with Monday meme.


1. Monday again! _ I'm not ready for another Monday.
I'm not ready for another monday
Monday Again
2. Hey Monday, _ You left his at my house!
You left this at my house!
Hey Monday
3. And just like that _ *Poof* Weekend. Gone.
weekend gone
Weekend Gone
4. Maybe if I stay really still, no one will notice me _ And I won't have to go to work tomorrow. 
Go to work
Go To Work
5. So, Monday _ We meet again.
We meet again
We Meet Again
6. Not Monday _ Again
Not Monday
7.  Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the radio & hear _ Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep!
Go back to sleep
Go Back To Sleet
8. This is how I feel about _ Mondays.
9. I made the mistake of sleeping on Sunday _ Now it's Monday.
Now it's Monday
Mistake Of Sleeping On Sunday
10. Don't be sad _ Monday's not so bad
Monday's not so bad
Monday's Not So Bad

 Trying to get out of bed on Monday like
Monday like
Mondak like 
12. Waking up on Monday like _ Nooo, I wasn't ready!
Wakeup Monday Like 
13. When Monday calls _ Just to remind you it's Monday.
Just to Remind you its monday
Monday Calls
14. That moment when you realize _ tomorrow Monday
Tommorows monday
Tomorrows Monday 
15. If we could just have one more weekend day _ That would be great
That would be great
More Weekend 
16. One day on Mercury lasts approximately 1408 hours _ The same as one Monday on earth.
The same as earth
One Day On Mercury
17. It's Monday don't forget to be AWESOME.
It's Monday 
18. Weekend _ Please don't leave
Please don't leave
19. It's Monday already! _ But it was Monday last week.
But it was monday last week
It's Monday
20. Monday _  me
Monday As A Dinasore
21. Arriving at work Monday morning _ I'm dead inside.
I'm dead Inside
Arriving At Work Monday Morning
22. Stop trying to make Monday happen _ It's not going to happen!
It's not going
Monday Happen
23. When you wake up in the morning _ And sit by the edge of the bed like
The edge of bed
Wakeup In The Morning
24. That moment when you realize _ It's Monday
It's monday
When You Realize
25. Me at the start of the weekend _ Me on Monday
Me at monday
Me on Monday 
26. Omg! run! _ Monday's coming!
Monday coming
Monday Coming
27. Monday Again? _ You've got to be kidding me
Monday agaiin
Monday Again
28. Monday! two hours ago, it was Friday afternoon!
two hours its friday
29. Monday _ Best damn day of the week.
Dam Day Of The Week 
30.  Can I please have a Monday sized coffee to go?
Monday coffie
Monday Coffee

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31. Monday Morning coming at you like
Coming at you like
Monday Morning
32. Can we start the weekend over again? _ I wasn't ready
Can we start the weekend again

I Wasn't Ready 
33. Shortest Horror story _ Monday
Shortest Horror Story
34. Monday _ How many cups of coffee does it take to survive you?
On monday
How Many Coffee
35. Monday vs me _ I f**ken hate Monday!
I hate monday
Monday Vs Me 
36. Just waiting for _ For Monday to end
For monday to end
Just Waiting
37. Friday _ Monday
Friday _ Monday 
38. Walking to school on a Monday _ Walking home from school on a Friday.
On monday
On Friday 
39. So, Monday _ we meet again
We meet again
So, Monday
40. Not sure if I hate Monday _ Or Mondays hate me.
Monday hate me
Mondays hate me 
41. Leaving work on a Friday _ Going to work on Monday.
Going to work on monday
Going To Work On Monday
42. Why is Monday so far from Friday _ And Friday so near to Monday
Friday is so near
Monday Is So Far
43.  Goodbye weekend
Goodbye weekend
Goodbye Weekend
44. When you back at work Monday morning _ Trying to put on that smile
Monday smile
Work Back Smile 
45. When you realize Monday has 24 hours in it
Monday has 24 hours
Monday Has 24 Hours
46.  If Monday had a face, I would punch it
Then i would much it
Monday Has A Face
47.  You Mean to tell me _ Today is Monday.
Today is monday
Today Is Monday!
48. How you left Work Friday _ How you showed p Monday.
How you showed up on monday
On Monday
49. When the alarm goes off _ On Monday morning
On monday Morning
On Monday Morning
50. Friday night _ Monday morning
Monday vs Friday 

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51. Monday Morning _ I think I need more coffee
I think I Need More Coffee
I think I need more Coffee
52. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Blink, Monday
53. With enough coffee, even a Monday looks good.
Monday looks good
Monday Looks Good 
54. When you realize _ Tomorrow is Monday
Tomorrow is monday
Tomorrow Is Monday 
55. I hate Monday
I hate monday
I Hate Monday 
56. Just face the facts honey _ Its Monday.
It's monday
It's Monday 
57. When you Realize _ Tomorrow's Monday
Tommorrow's monday
Tomorrow's Monday 
58. Happy Friday! _ Wit, Sorry, It's Monday.
Wait Sorry Its Monday
It's Monday
59. Me five minutes after showing _ up to work on Monday
After 5 minutes
After Monday
60.  And just like that _ *poof* The weekend! Gone!
Just like that
The Weekend Gone!


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